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Friday, January 12, 2007

Local Search Needs User Input

No where does user generated content have potential for greater impact than in local search. People who live in a neighborhood are the best qualified to provide information and keep it up to date, but it has been slow going so far.

Yahoo has been adding UGC to its Local site, include allowing people to update listings, submit reviews, photos, and ratings, (per SearchEngineWatch although for some reason the participation from the user community has been tepid at best. I'm guessing that because there are so many options (Google, InsiderPages, CitySearch), that users are splitting up their contributions, which results in a less than comprehensive service anywhere.

For restaurants and nightlife especially the people know best, and the wiki/UGC model has tremendous potential. When I wrote about this I anticipated that there would have been more momentum by now.

Maybe people aren't so interested in helping the corporations increase their profits by building a better site, so the community feel ain't there. Maybe local sites could offer some incentive to get people to contribute -- free t-shirt? money for the library? new bus for the school?

Somebody will get this right.

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