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Thursday, January 04, 2007

It's Time for Pay Per Click Showdown

Jeffrey Rohrs speaks for many advertisers who are frustrated by the lack of transparency in addressing click fraud, and his message could spark a "counter" revolution.

Rohrs' Sausage Manifesto breaks down the problems with the PPC networks' current lack of disclosure into 11 easily understood points. (You can read the highlights at SearchEngineWatch.)

Rohrs calls for much more disclosure about how Google et al are addressing click fraud, and also asks that they spend as much money on combating the problem as they receive in acknowledged bogus clicks. He also calls for more cooperation in publicly identifying those who defraud since it is too easy today to jump from network to network.

Today the burden is mostly on advertisers to monitor their campaign performance, and that is unacceptable. While everyone should check their own data, the ad network administrators know much more about the trends across publishers and vertical segments.

Advertisers need some confidence that their clicks will match established conversion rates within a range. Providing a maximum fee or out clause if the ratios start falling out of sync is a minimum. If not, it will be time for advertisers to pick up their toys and go somewhere else -- like a pay per action network.

The status quo in click fraud detection and prevention doesn't cut it, and it's about time that someone took a stand.

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