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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Dmitry Shapiro of Veoh on IPTV

So Veoh - Coming out of beta soon I was looking for Andrew and found him schmoozing yet another person (that's why I'm glad he works for us and not for the other guys) and Dmitry Shapiro of Veoh came over to say hi. I vaguely remembered Veoh but couldn't tell you what they did or where they were and much less, who Dmitry was (their CEO). Of course everyone knows I'm a sucker for new applications of technology, especially when they intersect with marketing... So as Dmitry showed me some of the key points about veoh, I started getting excited. I asked if he had gotten any play on TechCrunch or with Giga and he said that Om liked their stuff but Michael Arrington wouldn't give veoh the time of day (Arrington may have a mental block or other reasons for not mentioning them but either way it's inconsequential).

Let me break down Veoh, why I like them and why you're going to be hearing a whole lot more about them in the coming months.

1.) Look at their alexa rank. They're in the top 1,000 sites and killing Brightcove in traffic.

2.) Their traffic is huge but that's only part of the story. They use p2p to some extent and have their own platform so a huge portion of their traffic doesn't even get picked up on

3.) You can submit your videos to and they automatically get added to YouTube and Google Video... do you have any idea how much time that will save marketers? MWW should use this with their new Budweiser SuperBowl commercial campaign.

4.) They have the right board of directors including Michael Eisner of Disney and Time Warner has put some of their money into them. As I was chatting with Dmitry another VC from a well known firm in a ever so neatly pressed VC-esque shirt stopped by to make sure Ari knew he was here at AO Media.

5.) They have a nice client side player that IMO had much better picture quality than joost (because it's baked in and joost is live and veoh doesn't have to be).

There are a number of other reasons I like these guys but for now just take my word that you should get to know them as well.

So Dmitry, thanks for grabbing me and we'll follow up on this more later.
Veoh alexa graph vs brightcove, mtv and vh1

By Jason Dowdell at 11:07 AM | Comments (2)

(2) Thoughts on Dmitry Shapiro of Veoh on IPTV

I have spoken with Dmitry Shapiro on many occasions, and found him to be a good speaker with a compelling story. Until I did some research on his story, that is. The list is long and demonstrates his willingness to bend the truth to make himself (and his company) more appealing. How shameful.

He has claimed to be the Internet "security cop", but that's simply not true. He was a VP for some corporate chat-blocking software that did marginally well a few years back. Hardly a "cop", more like a "crossing guard."

He has claimed that Veoh has been around since 2004, but in talking with his people, they had said that it was actually mid-2005 (the company was incorporated in Aug 2005). Nothing like giving yourself some extra credibility by revising your corporate history.

They keep getting in trouble for piracy, despite their claims to be an anti-piracy company. Simply put, they refuse to put the necessary controls in place to stop it. See this link for many up-to-date examples:

All in all, I wouldn't believe Dmitry now if he said the sky was blue. His actual track record (which many "reporters" fail to capture) is abysmal. And he continues to get new traction by reinventing himself (and Veoh) with each new press release and interview.

Dmitry is the modern age version of a snake oil salesman. According to him, he can cure what ails ya, but in the end, he's really just taken something from you. Even if it's just your time, but chances are that it'll be more than that.

Comments by Bill Winters : Friday, February 16, 2007 at 11:31 PM

Response to the comment prior to this from Bill Winters:

I am a friend of Dmitry's, so while I am biased, I do know the facts, unlike the person writing the comment prior to mine.

Dmitry was the founder and CEO of Akonix systems, one of the most popular P2P security companies. Akonix makes products that let corporations block, manage, and secure IM and P2P software. In fact, I used to work at Akonix. Akonix raised over $30 million in venture capital, and has over 1 million licenses deployed in corporations. Dmitry later hired a CEO, Peter Shaw, to replace himself, and became the CTO and Chief Strategy Officer. He was never a VP of Akonix. Akonix is still around and doing very well.

Veoh was founded in November of 2004, and work on development of the software was started in December of 2004. I was there, so I know this for a fact. The company raised venture capital in August of 2005, so that may be the confusion. It is silly to think that someone would lie about this to give themselves more credibility.

While Veoh does have pirated videos posted by users, as do all other video sharing sites, Veoh is the most responsive company to copyright takedowns. While YouTube argues with content owners, Veoh takes stuff down immediately.

Obviously Bill has something against either Veoh or Dmitry, as I have rarely read a post so skewed, negative, and wrong.

A friend of Dmitry's

Comments by A friend of Dmitry's : Saturday, February 17, 2007 at 04:24 PM

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