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Monday, January 08, 2007

Boob Tube Gets YouTube

Sling Media, the company whose SlingBox enables TV content to be streamed online to any PC, will provide the ability to easily watch web video through the television.

The Sling Catcher was announced at CES, and according to BusinessWeek, will cost under $200. Any form of web video or images can be sent to the larger and more enjoyable flat screen. But there is one significant drawback -- no ability to control playback on the TV, so the PC had better be nearby.

I envisioned a product like this back in December, not realizing that I even had the correct manufacturer in mind:

Like a reverse SlingBox, you should be able to watch any movie download on your TV through a wireless connection, or even download it straight to your DVR.

Being able to watch downloaded movies or short form video on the TV could be a big boost for web video and increase the amount of time spent watching online content. More net video watching will occur once you are able to do it from the comfort of the coach.

But, just as counting TV ratings gets more complicated when you can watch programs online, so will advertising on web video when it is streamed to TV. If the interactive component is no long present on TVs, it may require adjusting the pricing and ads.

Update: Sony will also deliver hardware for delivering web video to televisions. The Internet Video Link HD streams a high definition version of content from AOL and Yahoo to Sony's Bravia televisions. The service will reportedly use RSS feeds to organize content (someone has been listening to me!), but limiting the video to just AOL and Yahoo severely undercuts it's utility. If Sony wants this product to succeed, they'll open it up to all feeds quickly, or some intrepid software gurus will do it for them.

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