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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

AO Live Blogging: Buzz, Snoozleberries and Live Chat

The morning sessions of the final day has proven fairly uneventful. There were more mobile marketing companies, a couple more video advertising companies. So essentially nothing too exciting.

The highlight for me was roaming the hallways and talking to various people from all sorts of industries. Jason and I finally got to meet Jay Adelson, CEO of Digg after talking to him on the phone regarding my downfall of Digg theory. I was also able to have a interesting conversation with Stephanie Ichinose of Yelp (Who I fully expect to be a regular MarketingShift reader now) regarding conferences and she also schooled me with some local search knowledge. Reena Jadhav, CMO of Conduit, and Sherri from Eurekster also chatted us up about their products and their week at the conference.

There were a few CEO Showcases that go my attention, but not for their products but because of the comments from the audience watching on the webcast and talking on the Live Chat. One particular CEO had obviously memorized his presentation and was reciting it from his head with absolutely no emotion which triggered a barage of comments on the Live Chat such as "I will now turn it over to my human master" and several others that I should probably not repeat but had me trying not to spit my coffee out on my laptop. His product was really good but the presentation was lacking.

A lot of the showcases from the early sessions were products like Buzz Logic and Kalivo which are products that are designed to help advertisers monitor what people are saying about them around the web.

Mercora which I labeled as a music search, but that was probably pigeon holing them, was one of the few that stood out to me today and that I will also look into more for a future post. According to their website
Mercora's mission is to catalog and organize the world's music and make it universally searchable and legally listenable. Quite simply: Mercora has built the world's largest and legal music radio network composed almost entirely of music resident on people's computers.

They are attempting to create a large music catalog that is powered by a p2p network. I'm not sure what their business model is but it was just refreshing to see someone not hoping on the video bandwagon.

ZoomInfo is using its technology to scour the web and find information where people and companies are mentioned. I equate it to a Hoovers of sorts but focused more on whats on the web. You can see here what they have to say about our fearless leader.

I also think I may have found our first nominee for the Shaftees, MarketingShift's made up award, is eTimeIsMoney. First let me say that I'm not their target demographic but even if they do find a target demographic, I have 0 confidence that anyone will actually use this product. Their name is bad, product functionality is unclear and their website looks like the combined Google and Apple and came up with their ugly duckling spawn. This maybe a bit harsh but my feelings are if you are going to LAUNCH your company and present during a conference, the attendees should come away with a clear idea of who you are and what you do.

The best part of the afternoon sessions was the "State of the Union of Business Media" which included Steve Forbes and Roger McNamee discussing topics from business media, marketing, and even how he would handle the Iraq situation. Our witty Live Chatters also seemed to nominate him for the chairman of the Federal Reserve and gave him some Presidential votes.

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