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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

AlwaysOn Media: Consumer Generated Media, Pando & PayPerPost

After a few too many pastries and the mobile session, I began to lull into a confectionary coma. That was until Pando came up on stage.

Pando got my attention. At first look it looked a lot like FolderShare but its much more and I really like it. Pando is a way to share files and folders over a backend peer-to-peer network with great speed. Pando is a standalone app that easily lets you share files with others but also gives you the ability to send 1gb files via email and IM apps. Currently, Yahoo Mail, Aol Mail, Hotmail, Gmail, and Outlook are supported email applications.

The panelists seem to nto be as impressed as I am but I think it could be a great next generation app. We will eventually get tired of looking at low quality, small files via YouTube and will need the technology to support sharing high-def large format files. Pando could be it.

The highly controversial "advertising company", PayPerPost, had their CEO Ted Murphy speak. He went over the basics on how PPP works (without mentioning the Search Engine benefits) and he was not well received by the panelists, more specifically Andy Plesser who warned all brand marketers to be careful when it comes to paying bloggers to talk about your products.

The discussions have been made all around the blogosphere regarding how ethical it is for bloggers to pimp products but not many people have come out to say what it can do from a brand perspective. I believe that many smart brand managers will stay away from this type of marketing just because of the potential issues that can arise from something paid blogging. But there are tons of other advertisers out there who do not care about crossing that fuzzy ethical line and will help PayPerPost type companies thrive.

The prevalent theme throughout the conference 2007 is the year of the video advertising platform. I maybe short sighted but I only see video's main function being a branding tool and not an ROI driver.

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