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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

AlwaysOn Live Blogging: Click Forensics, Adaptive Media, SpiceWorks

The afternoon Technology Enablers session had a couple interesting company focuses.

Click Forensics CEO Tom Cuthbert, got on stage and threw out some paid search and click fraud stats. As the author and editor of the best PPC blog I found these particularly interesting.
Click Forensics estimates that 14% off all clicks are what they consider invalid. Thats a 20% growth over the previous years and what click forensics estimates is a $1 BILLION per year industry. When I posted about Click Forensics and their click fraud study I wanted to see data from search and content networks broken out, and Click Forensics delievered. Obviously they are avid readers of PPClab because they have broken out the two networks where they have found 20% of content networks clicks are fraudulent with keywords with a CPC higher then $2 being 20% more likely to experience some sort of fraud. Click Forensics is on the verge of some ground breaking data, and if you want to help them you can sign up with CF at JoinTheNetwork.

Najam Kidwai and Real Time Content provided us with a look at some impressive video advertising solutions called Adaptive Media. Their software allows advertisers to create different variations of their commercials and based on your demographics and the data in the cookie set on your computer you will see a version of the ad best fit to you. The example Najam used was a video ad preview for a movie and how the clips would be adjusted for ayoung male to show more sexy clips of the actresses and vice versa for females. Its a very powerful tool that advertisers will use to maniuplate us even more.

SpiceWorks Co-founder Jay Hallberg, brought us one of the more creative solutions that I have seen all conference. They provide a super-targeted niche software for small business "IT Guys" that is designed to make their jobs easier. Their software is free but ad-supported and with this niche controlling corporate spending for their IT departments, it is a great place to advertise products focused towards this demographic. I think of it as a way to get your hands into some of that corporate budget budget.

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