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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Search Engine Football Challenge: Trash Talk

Tuesday night we had a semi-successful draft for our search engine fantasy league and although some people decided not to show *cough* Barry - Rand - Garett *cough* it was still a good draft. I really look foward to spanking all of you and representing as not only the bomb marketing blog, but the premiere fantasy football Manager in the blogosphere!

By Matt O'Hern at 10:37 AM | Comments (1)

(1) Thoughts on Search Engine Football Challenge: Trash Talk

Ummm...thanks for not mentioning my name in your post...I'm afraid I didn't make the draft either. I was all set to go on Monday, however (until the time was changed...)! As it turns out, I ended up with a pretty good squad, I think. I've got a feeling the computer probably did a better job drafting than I would have (!) I guess *some* aspects of SEO *can* be automated!

Comments by Andrew : Thursday, September 07, 2006 at 01:34 PM

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