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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Fantasy Football For Dummies Part III

I'm not sure I should be writing this article because it may come back to haunt me in my leagues by letting out my secrets to everyone but I'm that nice of a guy. was debunking common fantasy football myths. Here I will cover the top tips for how to win your fantasy football league.

Running Backs Rule - This is a generalization for most default league settings and
scoring rules and if you are in a league with some funky settings this may not apply. Draft RBs early and often. Unlike other positions it is not easy to get quality and productive running backs in the late rounds of a fantasy draft. In your average 12 team fantasy league there are 24 RB spots to fill. The NFL has 32 teams each with 1 starting RB and unlike the WR position only one player usually carries the bulk of the load for an NFL team. That leaves 32 starting RBs to fill 24 fantasy positions. Sounds great right? Well lets take a closer look.

Obviously we don't want to draft guys that are on teams that can't choose between 2 players for their starting RB position, so that eliminates the Indy RBs (Rhodes and Addai), Houston RBs (Lundy and Moreancy), Bears RBs (Jones and Benson), Dallas (Jones and Barber), Jets (Houston, Blaylock and Barlow). Thats 5 RBs to eliminate bringing out total to 27 available, but now lets eliminate guys who are injury prone; Fred Taylor (Jax), DeShaun Foster (Car), Ahman Green (GB), Julius Jones (Dallas), and a host of others. You get my drift. We are already down to 23 RBs to fill 24 fantasy spots and we can narrow it down further by guys on the down slope of their career, new teams, off season injuries, etc.

One last point about RBs is that it is hard to get productive RBs from free agents during the season, so get them in the draft. Early.

Draft Kickers Only in the last round. All too often i see people going after Rackers or Vinateri in the mid rounds for no good reason. Unlike RBs there are plenty of kickers to go around, and even the last rated kicker in the league is only a marginal drop off from the highest scoring kicker. Draft a backup RB or extra WR with those picks and save the kicker for the last round.

Draft a Defense in the late rounds. With the same logic as the kickers there are a lot of good defenses out there and most of the time a surprise team will emerge mid season with a good defense. So when guys are drafting Chicago Def. or the Panthers Def in round 6-7-8, hold off until farther down and again get another RB or WR. *I have been able to get Dallas in the 2nd to last round of all my leagues. I have Dallas rated in the top 10 for team defense this year while most systems have them lower, Parcells is a defensive guy and they have lots of talent returning from last year.

Keep An Eye on the Waiver Wire. You don't have to be into sports all day to know what is going on. Add Yahoo Sports or Fox Sports to your RSS feeds, check your morning paper, turn you sports radio on or something at least once a day. There will be a major injury at some point in the season where a starter will go down. If you can be prepared by grabbing his backup or replacement, often times you will reap huge rewards by getting a diamond in the rough.

That should be enough tips to keep you competitive in any league you play in but I'm sure I'll have more for you later

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By Matt O'Hern at 11:02 AM | Comments (2)

(2) Thoughts on Fantasy Football For Dummies Part III

What's with all the Julius Jones Hatin? ;-)

Comments by Greg Haslam : Thursday, September 07, 2006 at 09:49 PM

Don't worry Greg, Ev's just nervous you'll stomp him when it comes game time ;)

Comments by Jason Dowdell : Thursday, September 07, 2006 at 09:55 PM

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