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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Fantasy Football For Dummies: Getting Started

Like anything new there is a barrier to entry and that is the lack of knowledge. Lots of people tell me they don't know what fantasy football is or how to play and they use that as their reason for not joining in the fun.

Fantasy football is very easy play and the variety of systems and sites provide everything you need to get started.

First thing to do is to find a league. If this is your first league, I suggest joining a random public league rather then joining your friends in a league and being the but of all jokes. To join a public league all you need to do is go to one of the many fantasy football sites and sign up. Here are a few suggestions of popular fantasy football sites: FleaFlicker, Yahoo Fantasy Football, ESPN Fantasy Football, MSN Fantasy Football.

I believe Yahoo Fantasy Football is the easiest to sign up and use. If you have a YahooID you login and then follow the sign up instructions for fantasy football, when you get to the portion where it says "Join a Public League" or "Join a Private League" select public league and choose any random league to get into.

When choosing a league you'll notice that some leagues are Auto-Draft and some are Live-Draft. Auto draft the system automatically sets every ones team and Live draft users pick their own teams. I went into more detail in the first Fantasy Football for Dummies post.

There are many fantasy football myths that keep people from enjoying fantasy football so I will attempt to debunk as many as I can.

Fantasy Football Myths

In order to play fantasy football you have to follow the NFL and sports closely. This is not true in anyway. Most every fantasy football website will provide you with more then enough information to play. Sites will rank players for you and provide you with historical stats so you can judge for yourself who to pick, or you can just let the system pick your team for you. Also, with about 20 minutes of research, you can go to any of the top sports sites and read the analysts suggestions for picks and news. Sure it helps to follow sports so that maybe you can find that one sleeper (player who not everyone knows about) but it is not necessary to be competitive in a fantasy football league.

I don't have time to play Fantasy Football. Everyone has time. If you have 10 minutes a week, you can play fantasy football. After the draft which can take anywhere from 10 minutes to 2 hours, there is very little you need to do. Each week you log in and check to make sure your best players are in the lineup for that week and that there is no major news about them and you are done. Sure, every league has that one guy who spends way too much time checking out players or checking match-ups but it is really not necessary.
You log in on Tuesday to see who has won your match-up and how your players did, then you log in on Friday to make sure your line-up is the way you want it and you are done. 5 minutes each, twice a week. Simple as that.

I don't want to waste my money. Fantasy football is free on just about every website. There are some sites that you can pay for upgrades or some leagues may put money in a pool but you don't need any of these upgrades and there are tons of free leagues to join.

I don't want to pull against my favorite team. If you are Chicago Bears fan, you can still pull for your team to win and play fantasy football, its not against the rules and Bears-Nation will not boot you as a fan if you pull for an extra touchdown from one of your players who happens to be on a rival team.

These are a few of the popular fantasy myths or excuses surrounding fantasy football but if anyone has anymore questions, concerns or comments to add please let me know and I will address them for you.

Fantasy football is fun, don't be scared of it.

By Matt O'Hern at 07:55 AM | Comments (3)

(3) Thoughts on Fantasy Football For Dummies: Getting Started

I dont understand how you first pick your team members and then how you change each week. I have seen these spread sheets and I cant understand why would any one pick any player for a position other than the number rank. Are there limits to who you can pick?

Comments by larry mcnertney : Friday, August 22, 2008 at 06:43 PM

i cant get a yahoo email on my pc why is that?

Comments by Isaac : Sunday, November 23, 2008 at 02:00 PM

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