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Friday, September 08, 2006

BMW Rocks Ted Talks

There are so many things I love about bmw, but when I saw the new 335i twin turbo is about to be released I got really excited. Then as I clicked around the site I saw that BMW presented at TED as a TEDTalk my fate was sealed. Man I love the BMW brand, from media to message, From the feel of the car to the passion of the brand, bmw simply, yet technically, rocks!
"Once a year, 1,000 great thinkers are invited to the exclusive TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) Conference to share their belief that ideas are everything. Now, for the first time ever, BMW has an exclusive partnership with TED, enabling us to bring the wisdom, inspiration and groundbreaking innovation to the rest of the world.

As Chris Anderson, Curator of the TED Conference pointed out, BMW is a natural partner for TED. Both organizations strongly believe that ideas can change the world. And by spreading the thoughts of these distinguished thinkers — including Al Gore, Bono and 30 others — we can do our part to shape the future."

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