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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Accipter Bids for CPC With BidClix

Ad network Accipter Solutions purchased BidClix and will integrate the auction-pricing model into its products, according to Adotas.

BidClix enables publishers to set their own pricing and automatically delivers the ads that pay the most per click. BidClix uses channels to target ads instead of keywords and works with all of the standard ad formats.

I can see more publishers wanting to go the self-service route with companies like Accipter and Adify. Rather than being locked into a single pricing structure, publishers and advertisers can benefit from the bid system since they will be able to adjust their pricing based on current performance. Of course this assumes that the highest bids actually convert well because a high rate per click doesn't mean you'll be maximizing your revenue. As always, analytics and good reporting are necessary for success.

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