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Monday, August 14, 2006

Podcasters Explore Revenue Stream

Like online video, podcasts have millions of loyal followers with little in return revenue, but that may soon be changing.

According to a Marketing Sherpa survey, podcasts are rated by marketers as very effective lead generators, so more companies are likely to start offering podcasts.

Answering that call is web-hosting company GoDaddy launched a $4.99 per feed Quick Podcast service. The company didn't mention anything about integrating advertising, though, in its press release.

Publishers such as Wired and The Advertising Show (which partnered with Podcasting advertising company Kiptronic are realizing that there is money to be made from their audio content.

Tracking podcast (as well as other RSS feeds) is very difficult with the rudimentary log files and analytics out today, so Oneupweb, developed the PodTractor service for marketers to measure podcast performance.

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