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Monday, August 28, 2006

Plagarism Threatens Blogosphere

Since blogging is becoming increasingly lucrative, the scrutiny of publishers who steal others blogs is getting more intense.

Robert Scoble is arguing with someone saying that bloggers who republishes others feeds are stealing. I agree that just because someone publishes their entire posts through their RSS feed, they don't deserve to be "splogged" so that others can profit.

Copyright law protects online publishers, and someday the courts may have to clarify that. I'm tired of my articles and posts being taken in their entirety, and including a link back is not enough.

Bloggers are earning a living, and they deserve the same considerations as other writers/journalists (which I've been doing for 18 years to pay the bills).

Many respected blogs lift multiple paragraphs from blogs and news stories that can make up an nearly the entirety of the content, and even with a link, that's just wrong. Today, bloggers can complain to Google about people abusing AdSense, but the search engines should also blacklist publishers who are reported to scrape content.

Sploggers and content plagarizes abound, and the blogosphere needs to get behind a standard of conduct and policy for punishing the abusers.

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