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Friday, August 04, 2006

Fosters Toasts TV for 'Net

Miller Brewing has canceled its modest ($5 million) TV budget for the Fosters beer brand and will only spend online in what could be the first of a major shift.

Instead of going the banner ad route, Miller will mostly rely on viral videos and a video-heavy contest on to spread the word. Men will be enticed to vote for one of 10 Australian women, and one lucky fella will meet the sheila in Las Vegas, according to Advertising Age.

Fosters will also be promoted through "homemade" viral videos that seek to create word of mouth buzz. TV can't touch the demographic data and interactivity of online advertising.

As advertisers realize that young men spend more time reading about sports, playing games, or looking at women online, they will increasingly use video campaigns. Similarly, married women who play casual games online will also be targeted with video ads.

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