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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Enquisite Search Stats Launches Today

I've been working with Richard Zwicky and his team for the past several months on a very exciting project. The project is a search metrics application that gives you real time data on what page of the search results a visitor is on when they come to your site... of course that's just a tiny piece of what it does but a huge piece at that.

You see, before Enquisite, in order to see where you ranked in the search results you had to run weekly, monthly, or daily reports using an application like Web Position Gold or something else, but all of those have some major fundamental flaws.

1.) They only get the search results from a single ip address (unless they use the api and then they are looking at a much smaller piece of each search engines' data set).

2.) They are only a single snapshot of one point in time and thus the data is old as soon as it's captured.

Enquisite provides data on real visitors coming to your site from organic and paid search as well as some incredibly powerful drilldown tools so you can optimize and reoptimize your site in real-time. The ability to adjust your online marketing tactics (especially search engine optimization & marketing) in real time is critical if you want to be ahead of your competition. Well, with Enquisite, that's not only possible but incredibly easy and fast. I'll be talking more on this later as will several other people. But this new tool is a fundamental shift in search metrics and the beginning of a very exciting time for me personally.

If this is something you think you might be interested in then I highly recommend you go sign up today as the registration period for this initial beta test is going to be very short and we'll be closing the free signup period shortly in order to ensure we're reacting quickly to all the questions & helping the first round of users on the system in the best manner possible.

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