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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Steve Gillmor on Burgers and Links

A week and a half ago Steve Gillmor put up a catch-up post after BloggerCon (disregard the first 5 paragraphs). The last 3 paragraphs are where it's at. Seriously, Steve lays out a prediction regarding links and the value of links (they're dead) and offers up the patentable idea for free. So those of you that have more time than money and want to learn a valuable skill (researching and filing a search technology patent) should go get your freak on. Here's an excerpt to whet your whistle...
"...OK, so about links: here's an idea I had a few days ago lying around chasing dreams. So links are dead. It's 2 years later, I'm in the inforouter and I see a citation, say, "links are dead." No link. I hover over the words, right in the middle over "are". The service (2 years later, software is dead, only services) grabs my recent gestures, factors in my affinity stream, and gives me what is essentially a gesture-check squiggly line, a dynamic link."
p.s. for Steve...
time to catch up friend, I got some cool stuff to show you.

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