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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

RSS Feeds Marketing Channels

RSS remains an underutilized format for distributing streams of information between marketing organizations. While advertisers are slowing "getting it," by adopting RSS advertisements and distributing coupons, RSS has yet to take hold as a mechanism for sharing data between publishers and their affiliates, and ad networks and their clients.

The data feeds for pushing product catalogs to affiliates should all be in RSS, as well as the Web traffic and advertising campaign analysis. The standardization speaks for itself, and the integration of RSS reading into Microsoft Excel (enhancing today's XML capabilities) and new RSS readers that can mix and match data will simplify information management.

Although LinkShare doesn't mention RSS in its press release, the company is making it easier for affiliates to filter the data they receive through the Merchandiser-by-Category option. This creates subsets of affiliate feeds so that niche publishers can select only the products that are relevant to them.

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