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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Bad Marketing Idea #478

This is another one of those head scratching ideas from a press release.

Michigan residents who are customers of Consumers Energy and lose power can go online to report the outages instead of calling on the phone.

"Customers who use the online service at work, a library, or any other location will get the same service restoration information available by calling the toll-free number."

This works great for the few of us with backup power for our modems and PCs, but for the majority, leaving the house to report an outage instead of calling on the phone is pretty darn inconvenient.

Here's an idea for the marketing folks at Consumers Energy: how about providing an SMS number so that anyone with a mobile can send their address to minimize the time it takes to report a power failure? The service would then send a message back to the phone once power is restored. Oy.

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