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Thursday, July 06, 2006

ABC Wants to Neuter TiVo

ABC's president of ad sales wants to take away the power of DVRs to skip commercials. According to MediaPost, Mike Shaw has been talking with companies about developing technology to disable fast-forwarding through commercials.

DVR customers have to pay to watch shows that are available for free, so it is understandable that some might balk at being forced to watch commercials.

Creating a technology battle for showing or not showing ads would be a waste of resources. The better idea is to offer a cheaper DVR with ads, and let the market decide. DVRs with commercial interruptions would still sell, as long as the price is right.

The networks should stick to their guns and require advertisers to pay for viewed ads that were watched later. Pretending that only "live" watching is valuable is denying reality.

Cable operators should launch free network DVRs where they can offer targeted ads that would be better received and provide better value to the advertisers.

ABC Wants to Neuter TiVo By John Gartner at 02:21 PM
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AOL to Free Content

AOL sees so much value in ad-supported content that the company is going to tear down the walls of its cloistered content and let anyone take a peak.

AOL says the move could cost the company up to $2 billion in revenue. But it makes sense when you are part of a media empire with an extensive catalog of video and music content such as Time Warner's to use ads to reach the broadest possible audience.

The company should invest heavily in video and other interactive advertising technologies to maximize the value that could be derived from content. Obtaiing demographic information from new viewers that would complement the 18 million people who log on through AOL would make for a potentially powerful group to target your marketing. You want 30,000 women aged 30-45 in St.Louis? AOL's got 'em.

It will be a huge challenge for AOL to match the Google, MSN, and Yahoo as a top-notch portal, so perhaps being acquired by Yahoo (or even MSN) is in the cards.

AOL to Free Content By Jason Dowdell at 11:50 AM
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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Bad Marketing Idea #478

This is another one of those head scratching ideas from a press release.

Michigan residents who are customers of Consumers Energy and lose power can go online to report the outages instead of calling on the phone.

"Customers who use the online service at work, a library, or any other location will get the same service restoration information available by calling the toll-free number."

This works great for the few of us with backup power for our modems and PCs, but for the majority, leaving the house to report an outage instead of calling on the phone is pretty darn inconvenient.

Here's an idea for the marketing folks at Consumers Energy: how about providing an SMS number so that anyone with a mobile can send their address to minimize the time it takes to report a power failure? The service would then send a message back to the phone once power is restored. Oy.

Bad Marketing Idea #478 By Jason Dowdell at 07:23 PM
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Click Fraud Tab $800 Million - Pay Per Click Achilles Heel

Almost 15 percent of all ad clicks are fraudulent, according to a new survey from market research firm

The company surveyed 407 online advertisers and estimated that advertisers lost $800 last year due to bogus clicks, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Advertisers are becoming more aware of the problem as 75 percent believe that they overpaid for clicks, and 37 percent said they have or would reduce their ad spending because of click fraud.

The SEM industry is screaming for trustworthy audit tools and companies to keep better track of their spending. Since Google, Yahoo, et al won't show and tell (hiding behind the competitive advantage veil), it will take independent companies to vet server logs and find out who's scamming who.

The class-action lawsuit doesn't seem to be enough of a stick to force change with the search engines, so it may take one of the secondary search engines moving to CPA to force more click fraud openness.

Click Fraud Tab $800 Million - Pay Per Click Achilles Heel By Jason Dowdell at 06:35 PM
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Caption This

Jason Dowdell on a Segway

Caption This By Jason Dowdell at 01:45 PM
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Steve Gillmor on Burgers and Links

A week and a half ago Steve Gillmor put up a catch-up post after BloggerCon (disregard the first 5 paragraphs). The last 3 paragraphs are where it's at. Seriously, Steve lays out a prediction regarding links and the value of links (they're dead) and offers up the patentable idea for free. So those of you that have more time than money and want to learn a valuable skill (researching and filing a search technology patent) should go get your freak on. Here's an excerpt to whet your whistle...
"...OK, so about links: here's an idea I had a few days ago lying around chasing dreams. So links are dead. It's 2 years later, I'm in the inforouter and I see a citation, say, "links are dead." No link. I hover over the words, right in the middle over "are". The service (2 years later, software is dead, only services) grabs my recent gestures, factors in my affinity stream, and gives me what is essentially a gesture-check squiggly line, a dynamic link."
p.s. for Steve...
time to catch up friend, I got some cool stuff to show you.

Steve Gillmor on Burgers and Links By Jason Dowdell at 08:25 AM
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Monday, July 03, 2006

Testing Virtual Test Marketing

Marketers are climbing into the virtual world to reach the folks who spend hours per week as avatars.

American Apparel is selling the virtual versions of its clothing in the Second Life world, and will soon use the virtual environment to test market new clothing, according to Adotas.

If you're not a size 4 in real life, you can still "wear" the hottest fashions online, and have the brands in mind the next time you go mall hopping.

While living virtual is not part of my world, I wouldn't be surprised if the companies who have joined the in-game advertising shift also develop virtual representations of their products for use online. For example, Ford could showcase concept cars in games or virtual worlds and build a following for when the cars become real in the following years.

Testing Virtual Test Marketing By Jason Dowdell at 01:45 PM
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Growing Google May Get Feds Attention

Google's Checkout online payment system could prompt millions of users to start using a Google ID as their standard identity across the web and tap into a vast reserve of marketing data. If it's enough of a success, it may eventually put the company into Microsoftian anti-trust territory.

If Google can combine data about user's online travels with their financial data, the company would have a targeted marketing bonanza. Want to know where the people who come to your site go during the rest of their day? Just ask Google where to advertise to bring 'em back.

Google is offering a discount on payment services to AdWords advertisers. You could make the argument that payment systems and advertising networks have historically been separate businesses (like operating systems and office software), so this "bundling" could be challenged as unfair to other ad networks or PayPal. Sure you can bundle your phone and internet service and cable service, but these industries were studied and fall loosely into the "data communications" umbrella.

This is conjecture looking a few years down the road, but if Google becomes equally as important in online payments as it is in search marketing, then they would have to act very carefully to avoid regulatory scrutiny.

Growing Google May Get Feds Attention By Jason Dowdell at 12:48 PM
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