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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Video Ads Target Past Visits

Blue Lithium has rolled out AdRoll, a video ad network that tracks user movements around the Web in order to deliver targeted ads. According to the press release, ads from websites that users have visited previously will be delivered during their subsequent surfing.

Blue Lithium says it has 1,000 publishers in its network that will deliver its ads. For example, if you go to Sprint, later you could see a Sprint ad. Even more effective and desirable would be if the company tracked the categories of product, so if I'm Sprint and someone went to Virgin Mobile before, my ad would still be shown. Ads for companies that you haven't seen recently would probably lead to more clicks.

Behavioral targeting has great promis in video and static ads, and companies like Blue Lithium should offer a bounty to consumers in exchange for their willingness to be tracked online (would a box of cookies be appropriate?), and users must be able to toggle on and off the tracking too.

Found via Adotas.

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