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Monday, June 19, 2006

Video Ads Go Contextual

Contextual advertising company Vibrant Media now links video ads to in line text. The IntelliTXT service uses the double green underline that you are doubtlessly familiar with from blogs and news sites.

The small video windows launchautomatically, so the ads are not that intrusive and can be an effective way for publishers to generate revenue. The format is useful for 10 second commercials, if the commercial is relevant to the linked word. There is nothing more irritating than clicking on a link to be brought to a page that is only tangentially related.

I personally don't click on these types of links as I'm always on deadline, and the shopping sites and buying guides where these might be most effective do not seem to offer the technology. Brief product demonstrations that explain how something works or that show off the product (cars, movie trailers) would seem to be the most likely candidates.

Google could (but probably won't) compete with Vibrant when it rolls out its video ad network by linking either the natural or paid search results to video ads that would let you preview a product by rolling over the company's URL.

Found via Adotas.

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