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Thursday, June 22, 2006

RSS Feeds Coupon Hunters

According to Forrester Research (as quoted by PartnerCentric), 36 percent of online consumers download coupons at least once a month. To me that's a surprisingly high number (I would have guessed less than 20 percent) indicating the more companies should be delivering their special offers through RSS feeds.

Previously I wrote that Zixxo is aggregating coupons for consumers, and the latest twist from PartnerCentric is for publishers to distribute coupons to their affiliates via RSS.

PartnerCentric created an RSS feed for its partners, and in the future (why not now?) affiliates will be able to choose to receive coupons from multiple publishers. RSS feeds streamline the process, and will simplify the lives of affiliates by eliminating manual processes and multiple formats and likely increase their revenue and the use of coupons.

There's nothing like a bargain (either real or perceived) to prompt consumers into action. Publishing limited time offers via RSS can do wonders for conversion rates.

Found via Adotas.

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