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Friday, June 09, 2006

Online May Win Interactive TV

For 10 years interactive TV has been on the periphery of digital information/entertainment integration, and its about time it was brought into the mainstream.

The TV networks are losing ad dollars by the millions to online, so they need to partner with advertisers on technologies that will enable volumes of couch commerce. Watch and buy, that's been one of the promises of WebTV, and it still a teeny tiny niche today.

If they don't broadband video will be married with services like Instant Media's I'M to encourage even more hours on the PC instead of the TV. According to the company, I'M "enables interactive HTML-programmed, time-synchronized sidebar displays to accompany any advertisement, as specified by the content producer – allowing the sidebar to be turned on or off during the course of the show."

This sounds a lot like what Microsoft, Intel, and dozens of startups that have come an gone during the past decade promised.

Found via Adotas.

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