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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Nielsen BuzzMetrics Partner With TechRepublic

My friends over at Nielsen BuzzMetrics today announced a partnership with TechRepublic (part of CNet) whereby TechRepublic will use BuzzMetrics data in new and exciting ways to enhance their content.

TechRepublic provides information, tools, and services created by IT professionals for IT professions that help members get their jobs done. Based on the success of a pilot project, BuzzMetrics is now providing TechRepublic weekly data from its vast index of online consumer discussions about products and services for one of the site's most popular services, the Peer Product Reviews. The data are culled from millions of public comments, reviews, and opinions from thousands of consumer forums, discussions, Usenet groups and blogs, and are automatically structured into two charts that are integrated into the TechRepublic reviews - the Buzz Score and Slant Score.

The Buzz Score measures the volume of online consumer discussion, based on the number of consumer-generated posts in blogs, Internet forums, online discussions and Usenet newsgroups, about each product reviewed. The Slant Score tracks the percentage of positive posts for each product among online discussions. Each chart is featured along with commentary from TechRepublic's members, as well as links to discussions, whitepapers and articles about each product.

Personally, I think the reviews are pretty schweet and it's nice to see Mashups greeted with more success in the mainstream internet landscape.

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