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Friday, June 23, 2006

Lessons From Digg

Tech news site has been phenomenally successful in allowing users to post links to stories and promoting the stories that are the most highly rated. Digg is expanding from tech news to general news, and will take on the mainstream media.

Digg's success highlights that people like to offer their opinions, and that editors don't often know best. Similarly, YouTube is growing quickly through user-generated and rated content.

So how can marketers take advantage of the public's new interest in interactivity? By opening the door to let the public have a voice, and being bold enough to accept criticism. This includes offering the public to feature your product in viral videos, blogging and allowing dissent, and also taking feedback about advertisements.

Why not run the ads that are shown on TV on your website, and accept the comments good and bad? At least it will get people watching, and you can always filter out any comments with profanity. Or, test out a series of new ads online, and let the winners be shown on TV.

Marketing works better as a democracy where people are allowed to vote on what they see.

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