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Friday, June 09, 2006

Google, Your TV Watching Pal

Google scientists are developing software that will listen to your TV and deliver relevant websites and ads based on the program.

Now call me cynical, but this concept, as outlined by Information Week is just plain stupid.

Having your laptop listen to the TV or radio broadcast (and any ambient sounds in your house/office) and match ads is a step backwards technologically. Capturing sound from across the room would be a technical nightmare, and the privacy concerns are plenty.

Marrying web content to broadcasts will happen (see below), but using the cable box or broadband video stream to know what is on air are much more elegant solutions. The article points out that Microsoft has advantages in IPTV, but Google shouldn't be afraid of direct competition.

What's next, behavioral marketing based on pictures captured by your mobile phone?

This idea will go nowhere fast with consumers.

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