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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Google, Yahoo Look to Video Search

Google is preparing a search engine that would simultaneously search video content from the web and TV, according to The Business.

An electronic programming guide for searching TV content is certainly needed since the current TV searches are only offered by DVRs like TiVo. Google should be able to do it better than anyone else. The company is also rumored to be working on a PPC model for TV advertising, which would significantly open up the bidding process to more advertisers.

Yahoo also upgraded its video search to make it more YouTube-like. So now we have people uploading video to one or more of several video search engines, without cross indexing. Isn't search supposed to be about finding the best from everywhere? It's a pain for video producers as well as limiting to consumers to have to search multiple engines. Maybe people will just stick with YouTube (as long as it doesn't run out of money).

The wildcard could be a search engine that can also index the words spoken during a video. IBM is among the groups that are working on this technology, which would let you find video showing Brangelina as well as the countless programs discussing their recent reproductive success. If one of the search engines masters this, they could separate themselves from the me too search engines.

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