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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Free SEO Tool Chases Long Tail

A free program organizes "long tail" data about how people found your site through natural search and suggests keywords to use for search engine optimization. The theory is that by aggregating all of the infrequently used long tail terms that were used to find your site, you can increase your natural search traffic more than by buying popular keywords. The underlying message is that natural search is cheaper and of a higher quality than paid search, which makes sense, although mining all of the keywords can be time consuming, even with help of this analytics software. PR Firm Connors Communications, which wrote the MyLongTail software (now located at, is also touting the merits of blogging and public relations to create content that is effective in garnering natural search instead of over paying for paid search. Many companies don't have the expertise in SEO and writing to make this work, so paid search can be an easier path of least resistance. I haven't played with MyLongTail yet so I can't comment on its effectiveness, but a review will be forthcoming from someone here at MarketingShift.

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