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Monday, May 22, 2006

Spam Fight at Wrong End

Isn't it pathetic that sometimes it is easier to change e-mail addresses than filter through all of the spam in your inbox? I recently switched ISPs to save money, but also, after just a year of having a address, the spam flow was getting outrageous.

So now I'm using my Gmail account as a primary e-mail, and hopefully Google will do a better job at blocking spam than the cable carriers and telcos.

Verizon proved itself to be less than technically savvy enough to learn how to filter spam, having been successfully sued for blocking valid e-mails. What does it say that the free accounts like Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Hotmail are better at blocking spam than the ISPs whom you pay for the service?

If I'm reading this correctly, Reflexion is offering an e-mail service that offers multiple e-mail addresses so that spam will go to the primary and not the "hidden" account.

Net neutrality is a hot button issue now, and it seems to me that ISPs aren't doing enough to block spam at its origin. ISPs should look for spoofing at the beginning -- if the IP address is bogus, don't send the e-mail. It seems like most of the attention goes to protecting the inbox (like AOL's surcharge for delivering e-mail to its customers), when more rigorous requirements of the ISPs at the point of origin are what's really needed.

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