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Monday, May 01, 2006

MSN, Adwords Updates, Windows Live Search

Looks the same for the most part, a few minor GUI changes and a faster page

Adcenter Blog annouces that they have opened the Digital Media Lab to the public. It is really impressive and there are a lot of useful tools for any Search Engine Marketersuch as the Demographic Prediction Tool, Keyword Mutation Detection, Acronym Solution, Keyword Group Detection, and everyone's favorite Search Volume Forecasting. The research tools alone are worth the click but as my friend pointed out, "Digital Advertising" is soo 90's

Adwords Blog annouces you'll now be able to select your Time Zone in Google Adwords.

As I said back in January, Adcenter will be live in June. There is another scheduled update coming in May that will have "major changes" according to an adCenter official.

In the first Major success of Window Live Search, has dropped Google as the engine behind its A9 and Alexa searches in favor of Windows Live Search. Google Operating SYstem has some screenshots if the rollout hasnt reached you yet. A9 searches also powers and

Google has annouced a "quality change" to the adwords Ad delievery system. SEJ has a few helpful links on the topic. Essentially if a keyword is more educational in nature, less ads will be displayed, and if a keyword is more commercial in nature, more ads (up to 11) will display on the SERP..

CLickZ is reporting that Yahoo local is offereing flat fee ads rather then auction based.

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