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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

MSN adCenter Blog Ooops!

Carolyn over at MSN adCenter blog must have gotten a verbal lashing for jumping the gun on her post last Friday ago about their Digital Advertising Lab being public because she removed it with apologies today.

Microsoft Digital Advertising Lab Public Launch

Hey everyone,

Today we have the opportunity to learn more about the Microsoft Digital Advertising Lab straight from two Lab team members, Li Li and Yi Chen. Read on to check out how this research tool can help you with your adCenter campaigns.

On January 12 at the annual Demo Fest, MSN adCenter announced the new Microsoft Digital Advertising Lab. We demoed over 40 prototypes that work with video, TV, mobile, and the Internet — many of which can dramatically boost targeting efficiency in paid search and contextual advertising. You can try out some of these cool technologies yourself at the Advertising Lab's website at

One interesting tool is the Demographics Prediction tool. This tool is designed to predict the age and gender of customers who search online using particular terms or visit given websites. For example, if you search online for a specific type of minivan, the Demographics Prediction tool will reveal that women are more likely to search using this query than men are (54% vs. 45%). However, if you try a specific type of pickup truck, you'll find that men are much more likely to use this phrase (61% vs. 38%). You can also type in a website, and this tool will show you the percentage of male and female visitors to that site.

The Demographics Prediction tool can improve ad targeting, because men, women, and various age groups shop differently online. This demographic data can help advertisers to tailor what they offer to better suit customers' needs.

Another new tool is Search Volume Seasonality Forecasting. Those of you in the paid search business know it's difficult to estimate the search volume of the keywords you're buying. Sometimes you can underestimate traffic and run out of budget too soon; other times you can overestimate traffic and your budget sits idle. This tool can help to improve the situation, because it offers years of search volume data culled from MSN Search and it can forecast search volume for upcoming months, which are more accurate than numbers from previous years or months.

Other tools available on this site include Acronym Solution, Keyword Group Detection, Keyword Mutation Detection, and tools that can help you with keyword discovery. If you'd like to learn more about Advertising Lab, visit and check back regularly, as more cool stuff will be coming out soon.

-Li Li and Yi Chen
MSN adCenter Research Team

If you have any questions for Li and Yi, post them here and we'll get back to you.

Carolyn, adCenter Community Team

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