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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Come on MSN adCenter, We Know Better!

So I was adding the adCenter conversion tag to a client's site today but I decided to look a little closer at the conversion tag javascript. I'm glad I did, and here is why.

Here is the conversion tracking script that is supposed to go inside the [Body] tag:

msn_adcenterconversion_domainid = XXXXX;
msn_adcenterconversion_cp = 5050;
[NOSCRIPT][IMG width=1 height=1 SRC=""/][/NOSCRIPT]
[a href="
/LearningCenter/adtracker.asp" target="_blank"]::
Ad Center::[/a]>

Notice anything odd? Yep, thats right, MSFT wants you to put a text link ad on your conversion page.

Before I made a stink about it, I decided to see what adCenter had to say about it and buried in their help form I found this:
Why do I need to display the MSN Keywords text link on my conversion pages?

The MSN Keywords text link must be displayed on your conversion pages to inform customers that their visit to this page might have been tracked. By clicking this link, visitors to your site can learn that tracking information is only used to improve the quality and relevance of the ads they view. Visitors can also read instructions about how to disable cookies if they do not wish to be tracked.

Get real MSN! You track every click, program and activity a Windows user does but now you want to inform visitors that their vist "may have been tracked"? Puhhhlease! You just want free advertising. At least man up to it. Almost every commerce site on the web has some sort of tracking on it and 99% of them don't bother to tell their users, why does MSN feel the need to start now? Because they want free advertising. I removed the link with no problem because it is more then tacky, but MSN please show your advertisers a bit of respect and not try to pull the wool over our eyes..

By Evan Roberts at 01:59 PM | Comments (1)

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Thanks for the info...very helpful. Was wondering exactly the same thing!

Comments by BL from NZ : Thursday, January 07, 2010 at 10:59 PM

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