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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Behavioral Modification Needed

I read this article about the differences in user expectations between general search and directory services searches and it got me thinking.

Yes, people who go to or are more likely to be in active buying mode than a Googler, but directory services have yet to take advantage of this to speed searching for local businesses.

Local search engines should offer an optional sign in so that I don't have to type my zip code every time, (I didn't see a sign in option on Superpages, and WhitePages didn't ask for me zip when I signed up) and keep tabs on previous searches and the most popular results. For example, a ready list of restaurants, or furniture stores (if that's what you're into) would save lots of time. You should also have the option of saving your past search results).

As the self-serving article says, directory search could provide valuable behavioral information, but today it's not even on par with generic search in terms of tracking users.

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