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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Amazon Product Placement in TV - Entertainment Marketing

The thin line between TV talk shows that heavily promote a guest's book, movie or CD and marketing has been erased. Amazon this week launches the Fishbowl starring Bill Maher, a half-hour talk show featuring interviews of guests who shamelessly plug their products.

The live program won't have many ads because the entire program is an ad, much like those late night infomercials that are keeping Barry "Greg Brady" Williams fed.

Maher says he wouldn't be surprised if Amazon became a network itself - or perhaps the company will buy one. Time-Warner/AOL has been leveraging its entertainment and online properties for a time, but Amazon's move is the most blatant huckstering via entertainment to date.

With the ubiquity of product placement in TV and film today, it would make sense that a combined enterprise (like Sony Universal) forget any pretense of objectivity and hype its wares while trying to make us laugh or cry.

Amazon should have the marketing and tech savvy to create an engaging and interactive program, and you can bet that Microsoft, Google, and eBay are closely watching to see if Maher's show can convert sales or at least increase Amazon's formidable audience.

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