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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Adobe Apollo Enriches Media

Adobe is developing Apollo, a universal client that will read HTML, PDF and Flash content, which could be a boon to rich media advertising.

A natural fit would be to add an RSS reader which would enable graphic content including ads to be delivered to the desktop. Today you can enclose PDF files within RSS feeds, but very few folks (iTunes allows this) are taking advantage of it.

But an RSS reader that cleanly accepts vanilla feeds plus rich media would encourage consumer use and advertiser adoption. Publishers could use RSS to send out generic and enhanced versions of their feeds with rich ads inside. You could watch Flash ads or view PDFs of a newspaper, and with RSS automatically polling for content there's no more wait for the large files to download.

All of this would be possible without a browser, which is good news for Adobe, which could deliver real-time ads within Apollo.

Found via PDF Zone.

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