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Friday, April 14, 2006

TiVo Lives Another Day

The digital video recording pioneer won its patent lawsuit against EchoStar and was awarded $73.9 million dollars, but the jury is still out on TiVo's future.

TiVo and the other DVR manufacturers must craft a difficult compromise that satisfies advertisers and the TV networks on one side while also mollifying consumers on the other. TiVo needs to develop a new revenue stream for advertisers while not irritating their customers who love to skip ads.

Is there a technical solution for showing a small ad whenever the fast forward button is used, or can mining the demographic data of those who jump past commercials be successfully monetized? I would still use my DVR even if I was forced to watch the commercials, but right now it is just too easy to avoid them.

Or, maybe the broadcasters themselves could put prizes within commercials that can be seen when fast-forwarding. There must be a way!

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