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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Time Will Tell About Google Calendar

So Google has a new Calendar app and API.

While you might think that the world needs another calendaring app like it needs another Elvis impersonator, Calendar may eventually prove worthwhile. For me, Google Calendar is like a banana (a favorite food of The King, BTW) -- by itself it's nothing you get excited about, but when its added to something tasty (aka ice cream), all of the sudden the tongue starts to waggin'.

Forget organizing your lives with Calendar, the real value is if publishers adopt the API and tag content so that Calendar can search the Web more effectively. Google Base should be made searchable with the Calendar tool so that you can search on concerts by date, which doesn't really work well in Base itself. Imagine if there were a standard date tag that publishers used so that you could search the entire web based by date, much like you can search Google News by Reuters.

Another way Calendar could be made more powerful is by mashing it up with Maps so that you could see when and where things were happening. Let's hope that there are some Web 2.0 creative types who will do more with Calendar than remind me when I'm supposed to go to the dentist.

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