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Monday, April 24, 2006

The Targeting Challenge

DoubleClick today introduced a program where publishers can match the ads with audiences more likely to provide higher ROI.

Per DoubleClick: "Media is automatically delivered to best performing audience segments to maximize the value of each ad -- as it is defined by the publisher -- all without impacting ad priority or impression delivery goals."

The service attempts to automating the datamining for finding the best audiences (anonymously of course) to match with advertisers.

The tricky part is finding an audience match that boosts one campaign without taking away from others. Some folks may be interested in cars more than travel, so organizing those people can increase overal ROI. But other folks don't click on much of anything, so eliminating them from one pool can mean that other (perhaps less expensive) campaigns won't do as well. Therein lies the rub of better statistics.

Found via ClickZ.

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