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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Prime Time Is Dead

Put a fork in the 8 to 11 p.m. TV time slot, it's done.

Porque? Because TV is slowly learning that making programming available on demand online or through cable companies will bring the more cash than trying to build a moat around their prime time properties.

First, Disney says it's going to make it's top shows available online for free, and voila, within a few days they sold out their ad inventory for the online downloads. Then, Time Warner President Jeff Bewkes tells an audience of cable wags that they should make all programs available on demand within a year.

As anyone with a TiVo knows, there is good quality programming on TV, but finding something you want to watch at the exact moment you put your derriere on the sofa is often a challenge. The modern lifestyle isn't conducive to staying up late just to watch Dave or Jay or Conan or staying in every Wednesday just to watch Lost.

So, the answer is TV when you want it, with ads that can't be skipped. When all of this content is available 24/7, it will greatly increase TV watching and create demand for new filtering services to help us find the programs we like.

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