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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

PPC Round-Up: Google Position Preference, Yahoo SpyWare Ads and $20

I posted a link to a report yesterday that had rumors of Google putting out bid management software for Adwords but while we wait for that to come to fruition Adwords has given us 'Positioning Preference Bidding'. A lot of people are mistaking this for a bid-to-position model like Yahoo uses. When it is merely just a position filter.

For example if your metrics indicate that your best profitability is at position #3 for a given keyword (X), then you set the position preference to #3 for this keyword. You still have to maintain the proper 'Quality Score' and maxCPC but your ad will only show when it fits the requirements for the #3 position.

You can read more about 'Position Preference' on the original SEW post and see my response here
Yahoo Search Network? No. Yahoo Content Network? Nope. It's the Yahoo Spyware Network! Ben Edelman uncovers how some spyware programs have Yahoo Search Marketing ads in them, and auto click on them, without the user's knowledge. There is a WWW forum thread which Ben is participating in here

The official Adwords blog continued their 2 part series are targeting the right customers.

Indirectly related to PPC, the official Adsense blog posted an annoucement that advertisers will get $20 for everyone they refer to Adsense. Which in turn means, more people will have put Adsense on their site, and probably click on their own ads costing us advertisers money. Just one reason not to use the content network.

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