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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Pick a Pack of Podcasts

Marketers looking to stream ads will have an abundance of inventory to chose from by year's end. RSS/Podcast feed management company FeedBurner says the 44,000 podcasts and videocasts it manages currently have 1.6 million subscribers. That averages out to 36 subscribers for each feed, which isn't anything to get your agency on the phone about. You'll have to advertise in a slew of podcasts to get real numbers.

But FeedBurner says podcast circulation is growing by 20 percent per month, and the company should manage feeds with 5 million subscribers by the end of the year. Most, okay nearly all, of these feeds are probably ad-free today, so companies who aren't getting a good response from radio may want to give podcast advertising or sponsorship a try.

Including RSS feeds, Feedburner (which has its own ad network) now manages the feeds for 11 million subscribers. Introducing ads may turn off a portion of your audience, but somebody needs to pay the bills.

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