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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Paid Search Round-Up

The Google Analytics team has officially opened Conversion University, where they provide eight strategy articles on increasing conversion rates for paid search. I've only skimmed them, but they seem useful enough where they deserve at least a once over. has an interesting article on click fraud, Is click Fraud Really that bad? (Part 1). Its the first of a click fraud series that explores the ins and outs of the different types of click fraud.

*edit* as I posted this, SEOmoz just posted part 2

The official adwords blog talks about the importance of targeting the right customers. This is something that is important to a successful PPC campaign and everyone should consider, especially with more of the major search engines following MSN's lead regarding demo-graphic targeting.

SEORoundTable is reporting that Google will introduce bid management software for its Adwords Advertisers. The bid management software will replace, to some extent, tools such as Atlas OnePoint, KeywordMax, BidRank, and BidHero. They also found supporting evidence in a WebMasterWorld thread. It is not stated if this will be part of the Adwords Editor or some other application. I'd guess it would be free for a limited beta, get too many users, become unstable and then close off sign-ups for an undisclosed amount of time. The usual Google dance.

PS- One of the major search engines will be adding demographic targeting functionality to their management console soon. For now, I'll let you guess as to which engine it is.

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