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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Myspace Hires Security Officer/Surrogate Parent

The media frenzy surrounding Myspace and the purported deviants that frequent it, has led to the hiring of the nation's best-paid hall monitor and surrogate parent; former Justice Department prosecutor Hemanshu (Hemu) Nigam.

Forget for a second that the entire issue could be resolved if parents had meaningful conversations and actually took an intrest in their childrens lives and accept the fact that from a PR perspective, Myspace had no choice.

In lieu of actual parenting, many parents have turned to news programs that do more entertaining than educating. This has lead to a growing fear that sexual predators are lurking around Myspace preying on unsuspecting teens and carting them off to South America. However unlikely this senario may be, it would be unwise to ignore the ill-informed masses. The hiring of a powerless figurehead is just the remedy to cure the outbreak of Mysteria AKA-Myspace Hysteria.

While there is no question that Myspace isn't a safe haven for youngsters, wouldn't a better solution for worrisome parents to monitor the sites their children visit?

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