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Thursday, April 13, 2006

MSN adCenter Upgrades, No Google Ads & Click Fraud News

MSN is changing how their broad match works. Initially they didn't have enough data to make the ads show properly and still maintain high relevancy for the advertiser. Check out Adcenter Blog for more info.

MSN adCenter has also announced a big upgrade happening "within the next two weeks, and we will contact you 48 hours in advance with the exact date and time of the upgrade," The upgrade should fix a lot of the problems low budget self serve advertisers are running across. Thing such as:
The new release contains many features you have been asking for! Highlights include:
• You can now choose to receive Marketing Communications from adCenter through the adCenter Member Communications tool in Account Management.
• The Compressed Invoicing feature is now defaulted and will reduce the number of pages generated for invoices.
• With the Bulk Keyword Upload Tool, you can copy and paste keywords (instead of entering each one manually) to significantly reduce the time needed to set up a campaign through the UI.
• Estimate your bids through our improved price estimation tool to help reach position 1 in ad ranking. Also, each keyword bid is editable and shown in a grid for easy viewing of the entire campaign.
• Insert text dynamically into the ad title or ad text (formerly known as parameters).

Google Adwords team put up some tips for customer support if you may have questions. If there is one flaw in Adwords it is the customer support. With Adwords being the honey pot that the whole GooglePlex revolves around, I would think keeping their customers happy would be their main goal. Quite the opposite. The support from Adwords has always been slow and somewhat canned. It is usually faster to do a forum search or ask another PPC friend if you have on but check out their "tips" because you may find a useful nugget.

MSN's Academic search is live and without a doubt will end up as school libraries' home pages across the land. A very useful service, but the real question is: When can I put my ads there? :)

Google Calendar = ad Free? Say it isn't so, a Google product without ads on it? Shocking! Especially when I think this would be a perfect place for ads. Quick example: If you have on your calendar to buy some nice steaks at the end of the weak for a client it would be fairly convenient to have an Allen Brothers or Omaha Steaks ad on the calendar somewhere. Low clicks but high conversions. I can't see Google passing up on the chance to show more ads, its only a matter of time.

Andrew Goodman has a good piece on click fraud and how you should keep surveillance over you ads at

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