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Friday, April 07, 2006

iPod Killed The Radio Stars

After reading the recent article in Wired concerning the decline in listeners actually tuning in to broadcasts during NPR's semi-annual begging extravaganza, the prospect of losing acual radio talent began to worry me.

In an effort to avoid the annoyance of frequent interruptions during their favorite NPR programs, listeners have been loading up their iPods with shows to get them through this trying time.

The problem is; with no one to listen to the pleas for donations, there won't be any donations. No money, no programs. This leads to a unique problem affecting radio stations across the country. How do you sell advertising when listeners have found a way to bypass advertisements.

So, without the cash to fund worthwhile radio programming, where will all the talent go?

Owners of XM and Sirius - please stop smirking.

By Brent Brandow at 08:57 AM | Comments (0)

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