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Monday, April 10, 2006

Internet Ad Spend To Overtake Outdoor And Radio

South of the Border Billboard
Fans of the very un-PC South of the Border billboards adorning I-95 from NY to SC received a collective punch in the stomach this morning as it was revealed that the evil interwebs are cutting into Pedro's silly sign market.

With the internet creeping into Outdoor advertising and radio's natural habitat, the old guard must adapt or find itself endangered.

In fact, according to ZenithOptimedia, "The Internet is now the fastest-growing major medium, according to research firm, increasing at a rate faster than that of outdoor, which is also on an upward swing."

Furthermore ZenithOptimedia has revised its 2006 outlook to 6.0 percent growth in global ad spending, up slightly from 5.9 percent forecast in December 2005 - and 5.2 percent growth in the U.S., up from it previous forecast of 5.1 percent.

Some advice for the radio and outdoor guys: Keep yelling kids, they'll stop

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