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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Gray-Hairs to Get Online Space

Looking to cash in on the MySpace hysteria, book and music company Bertelsmann is planning on a community website for older folks.

"People are getting older...and older people are getting lonelier and they will need communities where they can share their interests" Chief Executive Gunter Thielen told Reuters.

"Thielen said Bertelsmann had been studying the demographic trends of the Western world, which point to a future with aging populations, many of them likely to have no or few children and larger disposable incomes than before."

What a great demographic, sad saggy spendy seniors who chat online because their kids are too busy to call them. Maybe the site will provide a service where people pretend to listen to them over VOIP for a few dollars a month.

So Bertelsmann wants to build senior centers around its Random House and Sony BMG music clubs. There could be a discussion area called "Wheezer" but it wouldn't be about music.

Here are some possible names:

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