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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Google Gone Mad - Treo Hollywood Bad - AdSense Sad

Rhymes aren't my thing but here's a recap of some of the most interesting events from this week so far. Google AdWords API is no longer free (you could see that one coming when they announced Google going public). The Treo Hollywood is supposedly a real deal and even though Sprint gave me a free phone, the Treo Hollywood is the phone I must have.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, AdSense has started the crackdown too. Those of you who's sites have great click thru ratios and low traffic better watch out, AdSense AdClicks is coming for you. I'm trying to get some answers from them but of course it's nothing but canned responses. More to follow on the Google class action click fraud cases and their implications with AdSense publishers to follow later in the week. The picture is looking dark for Google and it all points to one thing, a prediction from me...

Google is going to miss their quarterly numbers again! Mark my words!

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