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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Google Base's Vertical Evolution

The evolution of Google Base has definitely progressed from the stage of "Searchis Betas" to "Classifiedis Verticalus". With the "discovery" of Google's real estate vertical, it's officially game on with craigslist and the classifieds business.

The vertical searches for real estate, recipes, event tickets, jobs, podcasts, vehicles, etc, can be broken down by location, with Google Maps plotting the results. The granularity from voluntary tagging will likely make Google Base a more streamlined search than from Google or classified sites. For example, real estate can be broken down by price range and type of house, events by venue, and cars by make and model.

This will lead to a new strain of SEO focused specifically for Google Base. For example, if you search "movie reviews Solaris" under Base and reg'lar Google, you get a different set of results. So how best do you optimize?

Yes, vertical search engines and classfieds such as craigslist will continue to exist, but the tagging feature makes Base more competitive in a hurry.

BTW, can someone do a mash-up where one search will generate results from Google, Base, and Directory, in parallel?

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